Priyanka Chopra – Nick Jonas wedding

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How compatible are these two; astrology answers

It is literally raining weddings in Bollywood this season. After Sonam Kapoor- Anand Ahuja, Deepika Padukone- Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are the next in line to tie the knot this year. They are just a day away from officially becoming man and wife as the wedding preparations are underway for the celebrations to be held on December 1 and 2 in Jodhpur. Ever since they started dating, their chemistry has always made the fans curious to know more and just one look at their photos on social media can tell that. While we cannot wait for their wedding to take place, we spoke to celebrity astrologer Manav Jaitly to know how good their new journey will be. Read to know more!

Priyanka and Nick, or if you would like to call them #Nickyanka are a power couple in the truest sense. They both enjoy a successful career and according to our astrologer, the match and the nuptials will actually prove to be very lucky for them. Both Nick and Priyanka, who have a ten-year-old gap between them will continue to enjoy a lucky streak with their careers, although it might just happen that their career takes them to different cities but they will continue to make their relationship work for sure and not let the long distance trouble get between them! Our astrologer predicts that we might just see Priyanka taking on a strong role in politics sometimes later in the future! That sounds very exciting for sure!

Coming to the wedding itself, it will indeed be a special one. While we don’t know yet how exactly the wedding ceremonies will be, astrology says that both Priyanka and Nick are traditional in their thinking and we might get to witness the best of both worlds. The celebrations will indeed be grand and the date is also a favoured one.

After their wedding, our astrologer predicts that the couple will keep the spark alive and support each other throughout. They will settle in America and enjoy the finest of luxuries. After all, remember the plush pad Nick bought for Priyanka? Their horoscopes go well along with each other and the relationship they share will be deep, intellectual as well as a romantic one.

For Priyanka, the future certainly seems bright and she might just devote her time to a noble and charitable cause and Nick will join her there too. How adorable and lovely does this sound? We are sure that they will make a good couple for sure.

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