Health Problems

Astrology is a vast domain and its association with predicting health issues has been trusted for generations. Not many of us know that astrology can actually predict health problems or injuries before their occur for real in one’s life. 12 houses and planets control the spheres of human life and if bad planets enter impactful houses, health problems and injuries may occur. Understanding your health problems through astrology has always been a challenge for many but if you get to know a planet for good health in astrology, then managing your good health is not at all a difficult task.

Some planets may apply their bad influence on your health, and on the other hand, the good planets will help your health or injuries to heal faster. A perfect balance between life phases and planet can help you secure a house of health in astrology. As per experts, planets like Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Rahu and Kethu may create problems in a normal life and might invite unforeseen injuries / serious health issues.

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