How Compatible Are Ranveer And Deepika Astrologically – We Found Out!

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Ranveer and Deepika are days away from their wedding and the internet is so excited about it! We can’t wait to witness what’ll surely be a big fat Indian wedding at Lake Como. But while the pre-wedding functions are going on and the couple is getting ready to walk down the aisle, we decided to go down the desi route. We got their kundlis matched by a renowned astrologer, Pundit Manav Jaitly. He checked Ranveer and Deepika’s compatibility based on what we know about their date, time and place of birth and here’s what he had to say!

Since the exact time of birth of the two stars wasn’t available, he decided to go down the Name Astrology route instead of the date and time one. According to him, “Namewise, Deepika falls under the sign Pisces while Ranveer is a Libran. Both these signs are ruled by Gurus. Libra is ruled by Venus or Guru Shukr making him fond of the luxuries of life. Similarly, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter or Guru Brahspari making her more inclined towards her home and home furnishings.”

deepika ranveer astrology kundli

Now about their compatibility, he said “Since they are always in the public light, it’ll seem like they have an amazing bond but behind closed doors, there is a possibility of lack of understanding between the partners. Ranveer is also spontaneous and rushes into decisions, unlike Deepika who takes her time and that is why some of his decisions aren’t the best. Surprisingly, the family, as a unit will be headed by Ranveer and not Deepika since he’s really headstrong. They are expected to have two kids with a high possibility of the first one being a girl.” Awwww!

As for the career front, he added “Marriage will bring more fame and money to Ranveer as compared to Deepika. But one thing is for sure – they’ll launch their own brand within three years.

That’s pretty cool now, isn’t it?

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